Voulis Chemicals

The Largest Greek Chemicals Production Company for Car Care and Protection

Our company specializes in the chemicals production market for car care and protection since 1983. We claim to be one of the largest companies of this market all over Greece.

We design, produce and provide our products giving special importance to the quality and the high service for our clients.

In our laboratories we are able to study and execute the producing procedure for any kind of product concerning the market we specialize at, and it may be of your interest.


ESTABLISHMENT: Vertical industry of chemical products syitable for car clean and care as well as other industrial purposes.
WE APPLY TO: Car and truck wash shops – car workshops - gas stations – retail market – ships – industry
COMPARTMENTS: Marketing , research and development, quality proof,packing,deposit, transportation, sales, exports.
FACILITIES: 3000 m² in Naousa Imathias




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